Can I Leave?

by Cazador

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released October 1, 2016

Engineered by Roger Caughman (Ivadell)
Art by Seb Peña (brainkief)
Additional vocals on Drawing Straws by Alex Strickland (Abacus/Bathe)



all rights reserved


Cazador Columbia, South Carolina

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Track Name: We Apologize for Failing You
Yet, I felt we did great
It was just a failure,
to you and the whole team:
I never thought that we would get here.

A waste of time
disastrous addictions
stress with endless opposition.

We won't see light.
We are lost.

We have failed you all here watching
We are doomed to repeat history.
Track Name: Rotting Queen
Pedestals forged from tears
Held down by praying hands
Disciples running in fear
From their burning lands.

Exterminate the queen.
Track Name: Laughingstock
Forced to carry
a liar's cross.
Cleanse yourself
In holy blood.

Lose belief
An uncontrollable urge to speak.
Track Name: The Examination Board
In the gathering of minds
One will question who he is
and if he belongs here.

Eye to eye contact makes him uncomfortable,
but he's taking it easy through all of this.

Are you sure you want this?
This misery will mess with your head.
They will examine all of your phobias that lie inside.

Are we bothering you?
Have you had enough?
We are here for the rest of the night.

Do you want to leave?
but you can't.
Because we aren't finished yet.
Do you want to leave?
I'm sorry, we aren't finished with you.
Track Name: Tension Headache
You're always talking to yourself
Messages, they come and go
I can't believe you're doing this
Morphing yourself into life unknown

You're always bleeding me dry
A momentary lapse of reason
Finding yourself

You're going to rip yourself in two
For every lie I've told to you
Lie awake waiting
For me to never show up again
Track Name: Imprisoned
Cold and ruthless
Frozen in time
Locked and kept in
Shackled and blind

Prisoner of nostalgia
Can't move forward
Trapped forever

Track Name: Victims of an Execution
Dropped into a lifeless world
Across the landscape
A poisonous existence
A suspicious plague
Takes control
The hearts of everyone

Sent to raid
Left to decay
Watch it burn out

You won't do this to us
You won't get the chance
Track Name: Backyard Tomb
Splattered remains
Dripping from the ceiling
Chasing you around
Keeping you from breeding
No graveyard full of kin
No devil to lend a hand
Left wing wounded
Crawl again

Death has summoned you
The crippled one
Exhumed through shit
You won't live again

Consumption of a life lost
Your body will descend
To the depths
Where cretins roam
Where cretins hide